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A private sale is often the way to achieve the most money for your pride and joy. However, do you have the time and inclination to do it?
A Few Tips
  • Make sure your paperwork is up to date. Does the car need a service or MOT?
  • Give the car a good wash and polish, inside and out and clear out any personal belongings.
  • Repair any damage – car park dents, scratches, kerbed wheels etc.
  • Take several nice photographs of the car, inside and out.
  • Establish a competitive price – check other cars on sale that are the same as yours. Desirability, colour, specification, engine, gearbox, service history & condition are things that will all affect value. Bear in mind as a private sale you should price your car lower than that of a dealer.
  • Write an advert for the car listing pertinent items such as the specification, service history, owners and condition. Refrain from using phrases like 'first to see will buy'.
  • List the car for sale - from an advert in the newsagent window to any of several specialist websites. The wider your audience, the more chance of a sale!
  • Then wait for the phone to ring and be prepared for viewings and test drives.

Of course if you don't have time for any of the above we would be delighted to make you an offer for your car or perhaps sell it on your behalf.
Please complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible:
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If on a private registration, please also provide the original.

Please provide the date of the last documented service, either stamped in the service book or invoice present.

Please provide the mileage at the last documented service, either stamped in the service book or invoice present.
Please provide a list of factory optional extras fitted to the car. Eg: panoramic sunroof, heated seats, sat-nav etc.
Please provide an accurate, honest description of your cars condition. For example, please make us aware of any damage, issues, defects, known faults, work required etc in order for us to make an accurate valuation that we can stick to upon inspection.
We require an honest and realistic figure to work from please, if this field is left blank or an unrealistic figure entered we will be unable to consider your submission.

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